30 km North of Helgoland, Germany. 

Because the distance of the fenders of several CTVs to the existing current sports of the boatlanding was not sufficient, the Client asked DUC Marine Group to install two extension pieces. For this job DUC mobilised a big Multicat, a CTV, a RIB and a Rope Access Team. The ladders were loaded in the port of Delfzijl (Holland) and were prepared on deck for installation.

Because of the lifting height and the movement of the vessel on the swell, DUC was careful not to damage the steel structures and decided to hoist the pipes with an electric hoist and a Rope Access Team. Due to the existing inter array and export cables anchoring was prohibited. Mooring with ropes to the jacket was also prohibited.

To overcome this problem the extension pieces were gently lowered into the water with the Multicats Deckcrane and connected to a 5 ton lifting bag underwater. The lifting bag was then towed to the boat landing and hoisted into position. All bolts were tightened to the correct torque. In total 4 pieces were installed.

Categories: Boat landing, Maintenance and Repairs, Offshore, Offshore Construction and Installation, Oil and Gas, Renewables, Wind Park, Rope Access