Offshore construction requires expert knowledge and experience.


With new technologies continually developing and changing, it is important for your suppliers and subcontractors to have up-to-date knowledge of underwater installations and constructions.
That is why DUC Marine  is Group always up to speed on the latest developments.

Our thirty-five years of experience has resulted in being able to successfully and efficiently solve complex offshore construction challenges.
We are able to assist with various kinds of Offshore Construction and Installation activities:

•    Pipeline Repairs
•    grout- and hydraulic gripper line removal
•    Inspection, Repair and Maintenance
•    Non-Destructive Testing
•    Debris removal
•    J-tube repairs
•    Boatlanding extensions
•    Sonar transponder installation
•    Cable repair
•    Subsea cable trenching
•    Inspection- and jacket repair works
•    Corrosion Assessment
•    Sheet pile inspection and repair
•    Anode supply and subsea installation
•    Mooring, and Chain Anchor Leg Surveys
•    Dropped Object Surveys
•    Subsea Cleaning
•    Pipeline Inspection, Stabilization and Repair
•    ROV, Specialized Tooling and Sensors
•    Rope Access

  • Installation of a boatlanding

    INSTALLATION BOATLANDING 30 km North of Helgoland, Germany.  Because the distance of the fenders of several CTVs to the existing current sports of the boatlanding was […]
  • Salvage of lost suspension bridge parts

    SALVAGE OF LOST SUSPENSION BRIDGE PARTS  IJmuiden Approach Channel, Netherlands  The outbound vessel “Wilson Leer” lost her deck cargo of steel modules for a suspension bridge, […]
  • Western Europe, Swimming pool maintenance (2000 – present)

    Western Europe, Swimming pool maintenance (2000 – present) Maintenance and repair on moveable floors in about 200 swimming pools a year. High-tech underwater work in warm […]
  • Install a separation wall in the cooling tower basin

    Install a separation wall in the cooling tower basin In the basin of the cooling towers of a metal processing company, a dividing wall has been […]
  • Salvage of broken vibrocore pipe

    SALVAGE OF BROKEN VIBROCORE PIPE   Near the coast of Zeebrugge (B) and windfarm Rentel a broken vibrocore pipe had to be searched and salvaged. With our […]
  • Making a condenser pit watertight

    MAKING A CONDENSER PIT WATERTIGHT Tunisia, Middle East In 2004 in Tunisia, DUC Marinegroup used shotcrete injection to repair and apply a watertight layer to a […]
  • Aquatic Centre London

    AQUATIC CENTRE LONDON (GB) London, UK For the construction of the Olympic Swimming Pool in London, DUC assisted with the installation of four movable floors, 2 […]
  • Removal of grout blocks

    REMOVAL OF GROUT BLOCKS FROM A DIAPHRAGM WALL IN FRANCE Le Havre, France During the construction of a new harbour in Le Havre (France), grout blocks […]
  • Replacing oil pipeline

    REPLACING OIL PIPELINE  In Ashkelon, DUC Marine Group helped with the replacement of two 1500-m sections of pipeline. These oil pipes ran from a refinery to […]
  • Enecogen Rotterdam

    ENECOGEN ROTTERDAM Power Plant, Rotterdam DUC Marinegroup in cooperation with BAM installed two cooling water inlets for a power plant in Rotterdam. This was completed to […]
  • Wall thickness measurements in Georgia

    WALL THICKNESS MEASUREMENTS IN GEORGIA Georgia, Europe At the end of 2011, DUC Marinegroup performed wall thickness measurements on a quay wall made of sheet piling […]
  • Mauritanian iron ore jetty

    MAURITANIAN IRON ORE JETTY Mauritania, Africa   During a five-year project, DUC Marinegroup performed maintenance to an iron ore jetty in Mauritania, Africa. The jetty was protected […]
  • Inspect, testing and replacing of anodes

    INSPECT, TEST AND IF REQUIRED REPLACE ANODES Port of Rotterdam and Amsterdam, The Netherlands  In the Port of Rotterdam and Amsterdam, DUC Marine Group regularly checks […]
  • M.E.T. pile encapsulation

    M.E.T. Pile Encapsulation Port of Rotterdam, The Netherlands At the Maatschap Europoort Terminal (M.E.T.) in the 7th Petroleum harbour of Rotterdam, DUC Marinegroup together with Henskens B.V. […]
  • Vopak pile encapsulation

    VOPAK PILE ENCAPSULATION Port of Rotterdam, Nederland  At Vopak in the port of Rotterdam, DUC Marinegroup blasted and preserved steel piles in a five-year project by […]
  • Salvage fishing vessel

    SALVAGE OF THE FISHING VESSEL UK 249 Harbour Urk, The Netherlands  Due to the freezing cold weather in February several vessels were damaged, amongst which the […]
  • Wreck removal Eemsgeul

    WRECK REMOVAL EEMSGEUL  PHASE 1 Before dredging could start for a new deep navigation channel to the busy Port of Eemshaven, in the far North of […]
  • Clearance sea-floor of several anchorages

    CLEARANCE SEA-FLOOR OF SEVERAL ANCHORAGES  The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment awarded DUC Diving a contract for cleaning the designated anchorages in front of […]
  • Wreck removal of a containercrane

    WRECK REMOVAL CONTAINERCRANEPHASE 1 During a short sea trip from the Amsterdam container terminal Ceres to Rotterdam’s container terminal Uniport, a container crane toppled off a […]
  • Salvage of a dry dock

    SALVAGE DRY DOCK In Sluiskil, DUC Marinegroup was contracted to salvage the sunken Dry Dock B of the Schroef shipyard. After being awarded this contract, DUC […]