Own vessels

In the past, DUC Marine Group has had several vessels in its fleet to serve customers. All our ships are equipped primarily to provide diving support, but they are ready for multipurpose tasks.

The DUC Marine Group fleet consists of vessels for the inshore and offshore. They are equipped with and without dive decompression tanks. When a ship from the fleet undergoes a small or large renovation, this is done based on our experience and customer-specific requirements. This makes them suitable for many projects.



The RAM has a length of 56 meters, a hydraulic folding crane of 150 T/M, with a max. reach of 27 M1  at the front, and a telescopic crane of 60 T/M, with a maximum reach of 21 meters, at the rear.

The permanent accommodation is suitable for 4 crew members and 5 passengers. She is prepared to possibly place a Temporary Living Quarter (TLQ) on deck for additional passengers.

The RAM’s sailing area is up to 30 miles offshore. Thanks to her shallow draft and beaching experiences, she is THE ideal vessel to work in shallow waters. Her track record includes general diving support, unexploded ordnance (UXO) clearing, taking vibrocore samples, rig maintenance and repair, and more.

The RAM can be equipped with extendable spud poles (up to 27 meters) and a booatlanding. The RAM has a standard 4-point anchor system, a moon pool, a workshop and, due to the available breathing air compressors, buffer vessels and decompression tank, ideal for diving activities at depth. Contact us for more information.

Assistent III

Assistent III

With a size of 20 x 4 meters, the Assistent III is ideal for smaller (diving) activities in inland waters. Because she is standard equipped for diving support she can be deployed quickly.

Especially in the area around the IJsselmeer she can quickly be on site with a diving team. She is also equipped with a crane with a winch to immediately recover an object from the bottom.

She is an old lady (built in 1904), but still fully usable after Shipping Inspections (SI). Contact us for more information.