Ingenuity and Experience: an unbeatable combination


DUC Marine Group is able to respond swiftly to the requirements of any project and can quickly assemble the required personnel and equipment. We are renowned for our ability to fabricate custom-built equipment tailored to the job at hand.

Offshore Projects 

DUC Marine Group has experience assisting with numerous offshore engineering projects. Our expertise covers pipelines, platforms, buoys etc.

We are abel to invent creative solutions to the most difficult technical challenges.

We endeavour, as Marine Contractor, to provide the best possible quality and efficiency, saving time and money for our client.

Creating original solutions for our clients often entails creating or adjusting equipment. We are able to fabricate purpose-built equipment tailored to the job at hand. This expertise and flexibility keeps our clients coming back for repeat business.

Examples of our innovative solutions are

•    Purpose-built drilling equipment for concrete
•    A remotely operated spray robot using high-pressure water jets to clean piles above and under water.
•    Pile Encapsulation System

DUC Marinegroup owns a broad range of equipment:

•    Seaworthy RIB (2 x 250 hp, 45 knots!), equipped with an SRS-dive system.
•    Several containerised decompression chambers (Ø1500mm as well as Ø 1800mm)
•    LARS-systems
•    Nitrox-equipment
•    Saab SeaEye ROV
•    Fisher Side Scan Sonar
•    2500 bar HP waterjet
•    Airlifts
•    U/W Drilling equipment
•    Equipment for underwater inspection, non-destructive testing (NDT), cutting and welding, etc.
•    Truck and diving vans