SINCE 1984

About DUC Marine Group

We provide Commercial Diving, Subsea and Marine Services to the Inshore industry, Offshore Construction, Renewables, Oil and Gas Construction and Inshore Civil Construction industry.
From DUC Diving BV to DUC Marine Group

DUC Marine Group was established in 1984 as D.U.C. Diving BV. We started as a diving company working mainly on inland projects.

Today, as a result of continuous growth and development, we are a global operator providing services across a wide spectrum of industrial sectors.

To reflect our full scope of activities and expertise, we have renamed our company “DUC Marine Group”.

Our areas of expertise include

• Marine 
• Offshore diving
• Offshore wind energy
• Offshore oil- and gas
• Inshore diving
• ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle)

Our Team

Our team consists of certified commercial divers along with vessel crew and support staff.

They are ready to assist you with preparation and execution of your project, finding solutions for even the most complicated situations.

We are proud of our large crew of permanently employed divers.

They all have skills such as Concrete Repair, U/W Welding and Cutting, Salvage Works, UXO Detection and Removal, Sonar and ROV Works, etc.


We get the job done

We are proud to be recognized by numerous international well-known companies to achieve the ‘impossible’ in challenging situations through our innovative approach combined with a very proactive attitude.

Customized Solutions

We never rely on a “one size fits all” approach. All DUC-divers, crew and technicians are trained, qualified and committed to achieve excellence in everything they do.

Fleet and equipment

We offer a fleet of multi-purpose vessels and a full range of professional equipment which can be deployed for any kind of inshore or offshore project.

If required we customize or design purpose-built equipment to fit the project. Our vessels can be equipped for Diving Intervention & Assistance, Salvage Work, Survey, Small Scale Dredging, Blasting, Coating Works etc. The vessels are also for hire.

Our history

  • 2022Present day

  • 2016New DP II Vessel: Solution

  • 2016DUC Diving to DUC Marine Group



  • 2015Extension of the DUC Yard

  • 2012ISO Certified

  • 2007New Vessel: RAM

  • 1998New yard

    DUC office kantoor

  • 1994New Vessel Assistent III

  • 1984Foundation DUC Diving