DUC Marine Group and Renewables: a winning combination


DUC Marine Group has assisted with several offshore wind farm construction projects. Our many years of experience with offshore diving operations are proving to be of tremendous added value to underwater construction, inspection and repairs of wind farms worldwide.

To name only a few, the company assisted with construction and maintenance at DanTysk, Nordsee-Ost, Baltic-1, Nordergründe and Dolwin.

We have a track record assisting with preparation, construction and maintenance. Soil investigations, UXO Clearance, debris removal, ROV operations, grouting foundations, installation of boat landings, cathodic protection, sensors on jackets and monopiles and cable protection are just some examples of our services.

DUC Marine Group has access to a range of equipment to conduct seabed surveys, such as magnetometers, ROV and Sonar. We can also perform soil investigations. In limited- or zero-visibility conditions, our divers have the necessary skills and experience to see and feel the conditions of the seabed or underwater constructions.

For clearance of verified unexploded ordnance (UXO) DUC Marine Group works together with a trusted partner to either clear the UXO or detonate them in a controlled manner.

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