Assistent III

The “Assistent III” measuring 20 x 4 metres is ideally suited for the smaller (diving) projects in inshore waters.


The ‘RAM’ is 56 metres long, it is equipped with a hydraulic knuckle boom crane rated at 150 T/M (tonnes/metres), with a maximum range of 27 M, at the bow and a telescopic crane rated at 60 T/M, with a maximum range of 21 metres, at the stern.

The permanent accommodation is suitable for four crewmembers and five passengers. The ‘RAM’ can operate up to 20 nautical miles off the coast.

The ‘RAM’ can also be equipped with extendable spud poles (up to 27 metres long), it has a four-point mooring system and is prepared for diving activities with the presence of breathing gas compressors, buffer tanks and a decompression chamber.