DUC Marine Group is committed to ensuring sustainable practices run throughout our business.

We have made significant progress already in establishing a sustainable business which stands DUC Marine Group in good stead for the future.  This is founded on our long-established company policie on SHEQ, Ethics and Human Rights.

As an ISO 14001 certified company DUC Marine Group is committed to building on this and will openly report on our performances in published report on our website.



Download here our CO2 footprints, infographics and periodic reporting.
  • DUC Diving infographic CO2 2021
  • DUC Diving footprint CO2 2020
  • DUC Diving periodic reporting CO2 2021

For improvement of our CO2 Performance DUC Diving is member of the “Vereniging van Waterbouwers”

Read more about sharing our knowledge and active involvement in the association,  by participating in meetings and participating in core groups or working groups HERE (DUTCH).