Investing in long-term customer relationships is an important part of sustainable entrepreneurship. We work closely with customers and partners and ensure that our work is always of high quality. We demonstrate this quality with ISO 9001 certification.

At the DUC Marine Group, we believe that a lasting customer relationship starts with good cooperation. We listen to the customer and map out how we can arrive at the best solutions together. This enables us as an organization to optimally meet the wishes and requirements of our customers. Our ISO 9001 certification underlines this assurance and also shows that our work complies with all laws and regulations.

In order to be able to continue to deliver the desired quality now and in the future, we are continuously improving and optimizing our work processes within the DUC Marine Group. For example, we regularly enter into a dialogue with customers and measure customer satisfaction.

For high quality surveys, DUC Marine Group is certified by Bureau Veritas and Lloyd’s Register to conduct In-Water Surveys (IWS). IWS can be performed in lieu of periodic docking surveys on ships and Mobile Offshore Units.