DUC Marine Group adheres to the strictest standards in the industry. 
The safety of everyone we work with, as well care for the environment, have the highest priority in our operations.
DUC Marine Group is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO4500. As part of DUC Marine Group, DUC Diving B.V. is SCC** certified.


A high QHSE standard is integrated in every aspect of our business.


At DUC Marine Group, safety is an intrinsic aspect of our culture. We regard the safety of our employees, subcontractors, clients, suppliers and everyone else we work with as paramount.

We respect and live up to our responsibilities in keeping our employees out of harm’s way.

Our equipment and PPE are maintained and inspected regularly to ensure the safety of our operations, and we are continuously on the lookout to optimize our safety systems even further.

Part of our safety culture is the right of every employee to halt an operation if they deem the situation unsafe and eliminate the potential threat before resuming the work.


DUC Marine Group is committed to ensuring a healthy working environment for employees, contractors and clients.

We assess our workplaces, vessels and offices regularly to identify and mitigate any potential health hazards.

We also offer regular medical checks to our employees.


We respect our environment and because of that we take the greatest care to prevent damage to flora and fauna during our operations.

If unavoidable, for example with Partially Destructive Testing and Sampling, we will take every precaution to limit the impact to the environment.

We actively strive to reduce our carbon footprint with our vessels, vehicles and equipment.